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Avenir Engineering Nigeria limited (AENL) is an associate of Avenir Engineering India Limited, Which is a global provider of diversified engineering services. AENL provides full-service, multidisciplinary engineering services diversified by both industry and geography thus enhancing market reach and making it easier for Global clients to employee its services. Working closely with its customers AENL has become very much a part of their customers team thus building enduring working relationships.

AENL has well experienced professionals with delivery centers in India, UAE (Associate), and has plans to establish footprints in Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East Countries and Singapore. AENL has the flexibility and the strength to deliver services for large or small projects successfully anywhere in the world. All offices are state of the art and can provide engineering services from "Concept to Commissioning".

AENL provides the following services:

1) Detailed Engineering and consultancy services for clients & contractors is oil and gas ,power, Railways     and Infrastructure

2) Manpower & Contact services

3) Procurement and expediting

4) Supply of Skids, metering stations, deaerator packages etc.

5) NDT Services

6) Project Management Consultancy Services.

posted by Avenir on 2010

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